How Turnitin Detects Chatbot Generated Content: Explained | by Lisa Kim | May, 2024

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● Turnitin is a tool used to detect plagiarism in students’ submissions by scanning documents for similarities with a vast database of academic and online content.
● GPT chatbots are AI systems that can generate text mimicking human speech patterns, posing challenges in academic integrity and plagiarism detection.
● Detecting plagiarism in chat GPT is crucial to maintaining academic honesty and integrity by preventing students from using chatbots to produce non-original work.
● Turnitin utilizes machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and contextual analysis techniques to detect chat GPT plagiarism effectively.
● By detecting chat GPT plagiarism, Turnitin upholds academic integrity, prevents cheating, fosters originality and critical thinking, and enhances learning and research practices.

Author: Lisa Kim
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