Microsoft’s Surface and Windows head on Copilot+ AI PCs

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● Microsoft announced a new Copilot+ initiative for powerful AI PCs, led by new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon X Plus and Elite chips.
● These machines come with a special version of Windows 11 optimized for Arm mobile chips and AI, similar to what Apple did with its M-series Macs.
● Microsoft has made improvements in CPU energy efficiency, multithreaded performance, ARM emulator performance, and native arm app experiences.
● Some improvements will trickle down to existing devices like the Surface Pro 9 5G and Pro X, but the focus will be on the Snapdragon X series.
● The new devices will run on Windows 11 and Microsoft aims to provide a seamless experience for consumers, commercial customers, and developers.

Author: Devindra Hardawar
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