Can We Achieve Superalignment in AI

Can We Achieve Superalignment in AI

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Can We Achieve Superalignment in AI Rob Smith · Follow 18 min read · Just now Rob Smith, Executive Director AI & Risk, AGI ASI Dark Architect This is an excerpt from a chapter in the latest Tales From the Dark Architecture III — Building AGI & Superintelligence book that continues the TFDA series and the Artificial Superintelligence Handbook series. This series of books available globally on Amazon is a peek inside the dev labs at the roadmaps and whiteboards and inside the minds of those who build the most cutting edge AI. Many of the concepts and designs in this book are fundamental to building generative AI, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and beyond to Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) but some are novel to our own Cognitive AI lab or […]

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