blokAI’s Seed Offering: Demonstrating Dynamic Supply in a Real-World Context | by blokAI | May, 2024

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● The token sale for blokAI’s Seed BLOKS has been live for 8 days, with strong community interest and engagement.
● Dynamic supply is a method of adjusting the total supply of tokens based on the amount distributed during the initial phases to maintain economic balance.
● In the Seed Phase Allocation, 10% of total token supply is allocated regardless of the actual amount sold, setting the total supply and keeping allocations proportional.
● Adjusted distributions are made based on the new total supply, ensuring proportional allocations across all phases.
● The transparent and decentralized approach of the dynamic supply mechanism aims to ensure fairness and balance within the blokAI ecosystem, maintaining the value and integrity of the BLOKS token.

Author: blokAI
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