Artificial Intelligence Integration Boosts Grid Energy Efficiency | by Marta Reyes | May, 2024

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● Sustainability is a top priority in all industries, leading companies to seek new solutions for efficiency with a positive impact on the environment, society, and economy.
● Automation supported by Artificial Intelligence is crucial for efficient energy management in telecommunications networks, optimizing production, distribution, and consumption while reducing carbon emissions.
● AI trends such as predictive maintenance, load optimization, renewable energy management, and infrastructure optimization are key for reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.
● Huawei’s PowerStar tool aims to reduce energy consumption without compromising network performance, while Entel in Peru is implementing PowerStar AI to reduce energy consumption by 1.45M KHW in one year.
● Companies worldwide are recognizing the importance of implementing sustainable solutions, with a focus on zero carbon emissions and green infrastructure networks.

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