A timeline of artificial intelligence (AI), 1940s to today

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● The field of artificial intelligence has gone through boom-and-bust cycles since its early days, with periods of high hopes followed by disillusionment.
● The Perceptron, invented by Frank Rosenblatt, laid the foundations for AI and led to the development of modern artificial neural networks used in familiar AI technologies.
● AI progress has been cyclical, with optimism driving advancements but also resulting in similar problems from the past resurfacing in modern AI systems.
● The current focus on artificial general intelligence (AGI) and claims of human-level performance by AI systems like ChatGPT should be viewed with caution, considering the challenges faced by earlier generations of AI.
● Lessons from the past, including the knowledge acquisition problem and the limitations of current AI technologies in understanding contextual language and complex images, should be heeded to prevent overhyped expectations in AI development.

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