Innovating Game Design with GPT: A Comprehensive Scoping Review

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● GPT revolutionizes the gaming industry by enhancing game development and gameplay experiences through procedural content generation, mixed-initiative game design, AI-enhanced gameplay, autonomous game playing, and game user research.
● The application of GPT in procedural content generation automates the creation of narratives, quests, and game levels, improving creativity and efficiency in game design.
● GPT facilitates collaborative game design through mixed-initiative game design, combining AI-generated content with human creativity to enhance content development and design efficiency.
● GPT’s integration into gameplay mechanics enriches player interaction and immersion, allowing for dynamic interaction, adaptive gameplay, and autonomous game playing scenarios.
● GPT plays a crucial role in analyzing player behavior and feedback, aiding developers in refining game design and improving user experience by extracting patterns and preferences from large volumes of player data.

Author: Aswin Ak
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