CEO of world’s biggest ad firm targeted by deepfake scam | Technology

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● The CEO of WPP, Mark Read, was the target of an elaborate deepfake scam involving an AI voice clone and impersonation during a Microsoft Teams meeting.
● Deepfake attacks in the corporate world have increased, with AI voice clones being used to deceive banks, financial firms, and cybersecurity departments.
● Scammers have sophisticated tools at their disposal, such as generative AI for voice cloning and using publicly available images to mimic legitimate corporate communications.
● WPP has warned employees to be vigilant against red flags, such as requests for passports or money transfers, and any mention of secret acquisitions or payments.
● Companies like WPP are facing the challenges and potential harms of generative AI technology while also dealing with fake sites and unauthorized use of their brand names.

Author: Nick Robins-Early
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