Anthropic now lets kids use its AI tech — within limits

Anthropic now lets kids use its AI tech — within limits

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AI Image Credits: Anthropic AI startup Anthropic is changing its policies to allow minors to use its generative AI tools — in certain circumstances, at least. Announced in a post on the company’s official blog Friday, Anthropic will begin letting teens and preteens use apps powered by its generative AI models so long as the developers of those apps implement specific safety features and disclose to users which Anthropic technologies they’ve leveraging. In a support article , Anthropic lists several safety measures devs creating AI-powered apps for minors should include, like age verification systems, content moderation and filtering and educational resources on “safe and responsible” AI use for minors. The company also says that it may make available “technical measures” intended to tailor AI product experiences for minors, like […]

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