Nexis Network: Addressing the Challenges of AI Monopolization and Data Centralization with a Layer 1 Blockchain | by Nexis Foundation | May, 2024

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● Rapid advancement of AI has led to concerns about concentration of computing power, data monopolization, and lack of transparency.

● Challenges include computing power disparity, data monopolization, lack of transparency and accountability, centralized control, lack of interoperability, and ethical concerns.

● Solutions proposed include leveraging blockchain technology to decentralize AI ecosystem for transparency, security, and collaboration.

● Nexis Network offers solutions like decentralized computing power and data access, secure and transparent data utilization, scalability and cost-efficiency, and decentralized governance.

● Nexis Network aims to democratize access to AI capabilities, ensure data privacy and security, foster community-driven innovation, and provide a comprehensive solution for decentralized AI development and deployment.

Author: Nexis Foundation
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