Nexa AI Introduces Octopus v4: A Novel Artificial Intelligence Approach that Employs Functional Tokens to Integrate Multiple Open-Source Models

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● Rapid growth in open-source landscape for Large Language Models (LLMs) after Llama3 release by Meta in 2023.
● Influential open-source LLMs include Mistral’s Mixtral-8x7B, Alibaba Cloud’s Qwen1.5 series, Abacus AI’s Smaug, and 01.AI’s Yi models.
● On-device AI models like LLMs have transformed NLP, leading to the idea of cloud-on-device collaboration for enhanced performance.
● Introduction of Octopus v4 by Nexa AI, utilizing functional tokens to integrate multiple open-source models for specific tasks.
● System architecture of Octopus v4 involves worker node deployment, master node deployment, and communication across multiple devices for efficient coordination.

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