“Detecting Cancer Early: The Role of Tiny RNAs(OncRNAs) and Smart Computers(The Ai)” | by Muhammad Usama | Feb, 2024

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● Orphan non-coding RNAs (oncRNAs) are a groundbreaking tool for early cancer detection, as they serve as specific molecular barcodes for different types of cancer.
● OncRNAs can be found in the bloodstream, making them a potential resource for non-invasive cancer detection.
● Machine learning and AI can be used to decode oncRNA barcodes in blood samples, providing a precise understanding of the type or subtype of cancer present.
● Early studies have shown promise in using oncRNA detection to identify residual disease post-treatment, allowing for tailored treatment plans for cancer patients.
● The potential for blood-based cancer detection using AI and molecular barcodes presents hope for a future of precise, sensitive, and accessible cancer screening.

Author: Muhammad Usama
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