What Does an AI-Enabled Company Look Like?

What Does an AI-Enabled Company Look Like?

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An AI-enabled company is different from those not using AI in that it can know digitally what’s happening in real-time in the company. This means that no matter the business, leaders can use AI to track and analyze data to make better decisions. The benefits of enabling a company with AI include improved efficiency, better decision-making, and the ability to unlock new opportunities and revenue streams. Dmitry Shapiro of YouAI discusses how his company’s product, Mind Studio, democratizes access to developing AI applications, and Pete Buer talks about the latest AI business news. The article also discusses the use of multimodal AI by Guns and Roses in their trippy music video, and the question of whether companies should appoint a Chief AI Officer. Overall, it emphasizes the importance of integrating AI into business operations to drive success in the AI era.


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