The AI Opportunity for Business

The AI Opportunity for Business

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Leaders at Davos are considering the potential risks and opportunities of implementing AI, with a focus on productivity boosts. BCG is a leading management consulting firm helping organizations build lasting advantage through challenging the status quo. AI is described as the opportunity of a lifetime for businesses, with the potential to drive productivity growth in a world where population growth is slowing. AI use cases include customer service, digital labor, and code development. The balance between generative and predictive AI is important, with the need for prediction becoming even more important. AI and hybrid cloud are complementary, with AI being accelerated by the existence of hybrid cloud. A key moment for recognizing the potential of AI was the case of a bank handling 200,000 customer inquiries each month without human intervention, leading to higher customer satisfaction. AI partnerships with companies such as Dun & Bradstreet showcase the multifaceted nature of AI and hybrid cloud era partnerships.


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