The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: From Expert Systems to Generative AI Authored by James Francis (New Rochelle), CEO of Paradigm Asset Management LLC | by James Francis Paradigm Asset Management | Feb, 2024

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● AI has evolved from expert systems to generative AI, with significant milestones such as machine learning and deep learning, leading to the development of systems like ChatGPT.
● Generative AI represents a shift from rigid, rule-based systems to flexible, learning-oriented models, with each stage seeing AI handle more complex data types and form more abstract understandings.
● ChatGPT serves as a revolutionary tool that transcends language barriers and time zones, functioning as an assistant, tutor, companion, and creative muse, representing the harmonious coexistence of technology and humanity.
● The technical insight into ChatGPT involves pretraining, fine-tuning, and interaction processes, but it also has limitations due to the vast and diverse nature of its training data and the inherent limitations of AI.
● The future holds opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and coexistence between AI and humanity, and the focus should be on shaping a future where AI is a companion, not a threat, through collective efforts.

Author: James Francis Paradigm Asset Management
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