LLM Apps : Create Scalable Language Model Application Framework : let’s name it AugGenFlow : 3 | by Aniket Hingane | Day Manager, Night Coder | Feb, 2024

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● RAIL (Reliable AI Markup Language) is a specialized dialect of XML designed for defining and describing the expected outcomes of AI language models (LLMs).
● RAIL allows specification of the structure of expected output, such as JSON data, and whether the output should be a string, integer, list, or object.
● RAIL can enhance the reliability of AI systems by defining the structure of expected outputs, such as personalized product recommendations for e-commerce websites.
● The RAIL specification for a recommendation system would define the structure of expected output resembling a JSON format with fields like “product_id” and “product_category.”
● RAIL is important in the evolving field of AI to provide standardized ways to define and validate AI model outputs.

Author: Aniket Hingane | Day Manager, Night Coder
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