AI firm considers banning creation of political images for 2024 elections | Artificial intelligence (AI)

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● Midjourney is considering banning people from using its AI software to create political images of Joe Biden and Donald Trump in order to prevent misinformation and distraction during the 2024 presidential election.
● The CEO of Midjourney expressed concerns about the potential misuse of AI-generated imagery, particularly in the political realm, and discussed the possibility of implementing a ban on political images for the next 12 months.
● Other AI image-generating companies, such as Inflection AI and Meta’s Facebook, are also taking measures to address the potential misuse of AI in political contexts, including labeling posts created using AI tools and adding watermarks to images made with their platforms.
● Concerns about the potential impact of AI political manipulation have been raised, with examples of past incidents such as a faked audio call purporting to be Joe Biden, and fake images of Trump and Biden engaging in various activities.
● While AI capabilities continue to advance rapidly, there is a need for collaboration and consideration from society to establish best practices, norms of behavior, and potential legislation to address the potential misuse of AI in political contexts.

Author: Edward Helmore
Source: link

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