Ambience Healthcare raises $70M for its AI assistant led by OpenAI and Kleiner Perkins

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● Artificial intelligence is increasingly important in healthcare, and startups that bring AI and healthcare together are experiencing success with customers and investors.
● Ambience Healthcare has raised $70 million to expand its business, with customers including UCSF, Memorial Hermann Health System, John Muir Health, and others.
● The company is focused on providing an “operating system” for healthcare organizations to help clinicians complete administrative work, covering a wide range of ambulatory specialties.
● Ambience Healthcare’s products include tools for generating notes, analyzing conversations, improving handoffs, and preparing clinicians for appointments.
● The company is working in a crowded space with competitors like Corti, Nabla, and Microsoft, among others, but investors see a big opportunity in the AI healthcare space.

Author: Ingrid Lunden
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