Donald Trump Calls CBDCs and Artificial Intelligence 'Dangerous'

Donald Trump Calls CBDCs and Artificial Intelligence ‘Dangerous’

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Trump Trading Cards Series 2 (OpenSea) Former president and Republican front-runner Donald Trump called artificial intelligence (AI) "dangerous and scary" in an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, highlighting the power of deepfakes to do anything from create false product endorsements to change the tide of war. “I saw somebody ripping me off the other day where they had me making a speech about their product. I said I’ll never endorse that product. You can’t even tell the difference. It looks like I’m actually endorsing it,” he said. “You can get that into wars and other things.” “Something has to be done about this, and it has to be done fast,” he continued,” saying AI was “maybe the most dangerous thing out there of anything because there is no […]

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