After listening to a particular lecture, here are my thoughts. | by CRV | Feb, 2024

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● The speaker at the seminar talked about how to use IT in education moving forward, outlining four main points including Japan’s slow digital progress, the importance of getting others involved in learning, the addition of ‘Information I and II’ in high schools, and the potential impact of AI in education and society.

● The slow move to cashlessness in Japan might be a blessing in disguise due to the country’s historical foundation of unconditional trust in others.

● Pushing for digitization can create more work and complications, and those who push for IT adoption rarely have to take responsibility for the consequences.

● Learning to help others leads to deeper understanding and establishing one’s own identity, which is an important aspect of education and IT learning.

● The advancement of AI and digitization poses both opportunities and challenges, and the importance of analog experiences in distinguishing fake information generated by AI.

Author: CRV
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