94. Why Companies Are Struggling to Implement AI at Scale

94. Why Companies Are Struggling to Implement AI at Scale

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The pace of AI adoption in terms of experiments and pilots is high, but large-scale implementations are low. The ROAI™ Institute aims to increase economic value from AI and help companies achieve production deployments for AI. Companies have difficulty implementing AI at scale due to the high cost and integration with existing IT infrastructure and business processes. Many pilots remain in limbo as “zombie pilots” with no plan for production deployment. It is important to have a pipeline or funnel for pilots to move on to the next stage if they show potential for scalability and value. The sponsorship and involvement of the C-suite in the process of pilots going into production is crucial. The podcast also touches on the impact of bias on AI, the role of robotic process automation in introducing AI, the future of jobs in computer and mathematics, and the potential impact of quantum computing on AI. The advice for those entering the workforce is to stay updated on emerging technologies. The ROAI Institute has had moderate support from companies, and the pandemic has affected market response.


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