The READ WRITE OWN Movement, The Future Normal, & 5 Things Worth Reading

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● The READ WRITE OWN movement aims to change the digital landscape and give power, ownership, and economic benefits to users through blockchains.
● The movement advocates for reclaiming control of the internet from corporations and building a better internet with social networks and AI that empower people over corporate interests.
● The movement is detailed in Chris Dixon’s book “READ WRITE OWN” and is a generation-defining opportunity.
● The GRFTF Podcast episode 7 features a conversation with Rohit Bhargava about future trends, including the use of AI and embracing change.
● The BECOME A WEB3 LEADER course is available for those looking to join the web3 movement and understand the convergence of web3 with AI, as well as the use of tokens and NFTs.

Author: Misha da Vinci
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