Business Central AP Automation Made Simple with AI & KwikTag by Paymerang | TMG #businesscentral

Business Central AP Automation Made Simple with AI & KwikTag by Paymerang | TMG #businesscentral

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KwikTag’s SimplyAP for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an AI-powered data extraction and invoice automation solution that can make Accounts Payable (AP) teams more efficient and profitable. Paymerang, a leader in AP and payment automation, acquired KwikTag in 2023, offering a streamlined finance automation platform. The TM Group (TMG), a Microsoft Dynamics partner, collaborates with KwikTag to help clients achieve efficiency and productivity. The webinar showcased the benefits of automating the AP process in Business Central, emphasizing the importance of leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline tasks, reduce costs, and mitigate payment fraud. SimplyAP’s support feature includes live chat and email functionality with customer support available 24/7. The solution offers invoice automation, payment reconciliation, and efficient payment methods, reducing fraud and enhancing efficiency. Kristen Campbell, Quick Tag’s client success manager, highlighted the support features and automation benefits in the user interface. Paymerang and Quick Tag’s collaboration processes over 48 million documents and $15 billion in payments annually, ensuring a tried, tested, and mature automation technology. The webinar covered the full AP automation process, highlighting invoice capture, data extraction, workflow initiation, payment automation, and the benefits of leveraging automation for accounts payable.


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