Mozilla Launches MemoryCache for Enhanced Privacy and Personalized Browsing | by Dhiraj Thareja | Jan, 2024

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● Mozilla has launched a new browser add-on, MemoryCache, focused on user privacy and personalized browsing experiences using machine learning
● Harvard University is offering five free online AI courses accessible to people globally
● Reliance Industries Ltd. aims to complete its AI transformation by 2024 to enhance productivity and efficiency
● Top 10 AI trends for 2024 include Explainable AI, AI in Healthcare, AI Ethics & Responsibility, AI-powered Cybersecurity, Conversational AI & NLP, AI in Edge Computing, AI-driven Personalization, AI-powered Creativity, AI in Education, and AI in Climate Science
● Tips for harnessing the power of AI to spark creativity include selecting a theme, crafting a detailed prompt, using an AI tool to generate art, and being as descriptive as possible in prompts.

Author: Dhiraj Thareja
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