ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Will It Be Wearable In 2024? | by Matteo Sasselli | Jan, 2024

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● In 2024, technology takes a significant leap forward, integrating Artificial Intelligence into daily routines through cutting-edge wearables.
● AI wearables and extended reality (XR) devices become natural extensions of our digital personas, focusing on enhancing human interaction, providing real-time AI assistance, and offering a richer experience of our surroundings.
● Humane AI’s devices like Pin, Tab, and AI-rings are at the forefront of this revolution, transcending traditional wearable functions.
● Major tech companies like Apple, OpenAI, and Meta are venturing into this domain, offering wearables that flawlessly integrate with their ecosystems and harness advanced AI capabilities.
● AI wearables in 2024 represent a paradigm shift towards a deeper, more interactive relationship with technology, transitioning from being tools to becoming personal companions, digital assistants, and gateways to new realities.

Author: Matteo Sasselli
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