How the best AI Call Center Software can improve your company's sales

How the best AI Call Center Software can improve your company’s sales

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Company’s agents as they’re on the call. So imagine an agent’s on a call and they’re talking about pricing, and they’re, you know, reaching in their brain for the right way to talk about it. And up on the screen comes a script on the right way to talk about pricing. And it’s right there, it’s just a little resource that can pop up for employees for different things. It could be a a whole array of resources for employees, and managers can build these based on what they think employees need the most help with. So, imagine the difference in the way that the call’s going to go, if your agent has the perfect answer to a pricing question or the perfect answer to a contract question, or the perfect answer to a competitor question, Or the best practice on how to handle calming down an angry customer. You know, best practices on that. So imagine the difference to that conversation or that call versus not having your agents just, you know, racking their brain trying to figure out the best way to talk about something. So that’s a huge improvement there for your customer service. That’s the way it can improve sales too. Another thing thatAI can do is it can look at scheduling and ensure proper coverage. So if you’re selling or you’re talking, you don’t have enough staff on hand and you’re getting a lot of calls in and nobody’s picking up the other line or the WebChat, whatever, well, that theAI can tell you exactly when you’re going to need to schedule agents to be working and it can automatically send alerts in the Schedule, so you’re getting alerts saying, you’re probably going to need a few people to come in early or you might need to pick up an extra shift. That’s not in the schedule. You can send us shifts out there to be picked up. So it can really make sure that you’re properly staffed for your sales situations.Amazing. Can you imagine if you know that you’ve got a lot of calls come in at at 3:00 p.m. and you’ve got five less people than you had at the same time last year and on average, on 3:00 p.m. call last year coming in, if you had five more agents, you probably would have made a sale that you missed last year because of no coverage. SoAI can definitely help out with that quite a bit. And also, it can give you a WebChat bot for for scheduling so you don’t need humans necessarily for it or as many them so you could put a bot on your chat or maybe you’re doing a new task feature like features coming out called Home. That’s a really chat that it’ll take over from that point. So it allows WebChat.AI You can read about it and see if it’s right for your organization or if you needed to wait for you would grow a little bit before deploying that feature set. Still confused? Reach out and contact me. I’m happy to help. And I guess that’s pretty much everything. I want to stay within 15 minutes on this. So I better go. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the little ring bell thing if you want. And you can also come by our website, Call me, Reach out to me personally. It’s okay. It’s not going to bother me. You’re not going to bother me. It’s an important decision you’re making. Sometimes you got to talk to somebody. So I’m here I’m an A.I. model, too. I can help a bit on the way. So thanks a lot. And I’ll see you on the next one. According to Mike, if your company relies on sales, investing in AI-powered call center software is worth the price. Some of the features of AI-powered call center software include finding trainable moments, identifying good examples for training, automatically scoring calls, popping up scripts and resources, ensuring proper staff scheduling, and a web chat bot. These features can significantly improve sales, customer service, and mitigate risks related to under-staffing. Additionally, contacting Mike for personalized recommendations and visiting AeroCom’s website can help in making a better decision regarding the technology your company needs.


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